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Vitamin D – “sunshine vitamin”

The effect of vitamin D on the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the body, i.e., the health of the skeletal system, has been known for a long time. Its preventive effect in the context of various diseases and conditions was discovered later, but is already widely utilised in medicine.

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, its immunomodulatory effects, i.e., stimulation of the body’s defense system, which is the only barrier to severe forms of COVID-19, are one of the focuses of health systems around the world. It is widely used in the therapy and is recommended as a way of strengthening the body’s immunity.

Regardless of the significant number of sunny days in our region, in order to prevent the development of various diseases and protect the body from infection – it is necessary to take vitamin D. However, given that inadequate doses can be potentially toxic and that the same doses do not produce equal effects in different patients – it is desirable to measure its concentration in blood.

Do not allow vitamin B deficiency

Recent research shows that a much larger number of people than previously thought suffer from vitamin B deficiency (in developed countries, as many as one in six people). Vitamin B is necessary for the normal functioning of cells and adequate immunity because vitamins from this group play a role in:

  • activation of the immune response,
  • improving the functions of the respiratory organs,
  • preserving the walls of blood vessels and preventing the occurrence of microthrombosis,
  • raising the level of available energy in the body.

The combined effects have a positive effect on mood, memory, skin and hair, energy, red blood cell synthesis and immunity.

Vitamin B complex not only helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, but can also potentially prevent or reduce COVID-19 symptoms. On top of a number of other diseases, the vitamin B deficiency can lead to a weakening of the immune system and insufficient production of antibodies to a viral infection. By measuring vitamin B12 and folic acid (B9) concentration in blood, their content in the body and the need for additional intake are evaluated.

It is important to control the main parameters

Iron metabolism and consequent anaemia may play an important role in the development of COVID-19 symptoms. Measurement of laboratory parameters: haemoglobin, ferritin, transferrin and UIBC provides data on the status of the organism when it comes to these important markers.

In the changed living conditions that result from the pandemic (stress, isolation, physical inactivity, reduced number of visits to doctors, etc.), it is not easy to take care of daily therapy.

It has not been proven that the coronavirus causes a more severe form of the disease in people who have reduced thyroid function where the hormone level is maintained in the recommended range. Measure your TSH, check the effectiveness of your therapy! The promo price is EUR 5.00.



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