Matrix and BioMatrix technology on unique magnetic resonance imaging machine in Montenegro

A completely new magnetic resonance imaging machine utilising the state-of-the-art Matrix technology is now available in the Moj Lab Polyclinic, with the largest tunnel diameter on the market of 70 cm, which significantly reduces claustrophobia in patients.

Furthermore, Moj Lab Polyclinic also offers a revolutionary solution – Innovision – for a completely new experience for patients in the tunnel during the imaging procedure, which reduces claustrophobia to a minimum while keeping the patient relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. In addition, special pillows are used to further reduce the sound volume during the examination.

Thanks to the BioMatrix technology, the machine is adapted to each individual patient in his/her current condition. BioMatrix sensors make it possible to adapt the machine to the patient’s body and speed up his/her positioning. The end result is a significantly higher diagnostic examination value, reduced need for re-imaging and a high-quality personalised examination.

The magnetic resonance imaging machine available in Moj Lab Polyclinic also features a Turbo Suite package that allows a reduction in examination time by up to 50%. In combination with the latest GO technology supported by artificial intelligence and BioMatrix technology, this provides a complete set of tools for automating the entire work process.

The fastest and most accurate solution to all diagnostic dilemmas.

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