At Moj Lab Polyclinic, cardiac patients have access to the most modern technology and parameters available for the first time in Montenegro.

The most modern methods and new knowledge

In addition to standard echocardiography, which is performed on the latest SIEMENS ACUSON SEQUOIA machine, which enables, thanks to its exceptional resolution, to perform measurements with the highest accuracy, Colour Doppler and Tissue Doppler, and thus diagnose the disease in a timely manner, the GLS method (a new parameter in the assessment of global left ventricular function) will be implemented on the same device, for the first time in Montenegro. Therapy for all cardiac patients is included according to the latest guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology.

Among the most common diseases of the modern age are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, with hypertension as one of the most widespread diseases. Like all diseases of modern times, thanks to proper prevention and elimination of risk factors, cardiac diseases can be prevented or kept under control. When it comes to secondary prevention, i.e., treatment of an existing disease, the expertise of doctors and technology that provides insight into its real state and course are of the utmost importance.

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