Detailed and most accurate analysis of the skeletal system condition

Thanks to the latest DXA device, from now on you have the possibility of detailed bone analysis underpinned by the latest software solutions in Montenegro.

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Moj Lab enables payments with Premium card

Moj Lab Polyclinic and laboratories offer benefits for payments made using the Premium Card issued by Hipotekarna banka.

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Are you struggling with allergies?

Find out which allergens are to blame for this!

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Nifty Test at Moj Lab laboratories

Genetic tests in pregnancy: Why? When? How? What do they tell us?

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From now on, our patients have access to a scanner unique to the region, providing the most precise diagnostics with ultra-low radiation doses

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COVID-19 antibody levels after vaccination

If it has been 2-4 weeks after revaccination, it is time to check your antibody level.

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PCR results in the form of a QR code

PCR results in the form of a QR code in Moj Lab

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Moj Lab laboratories offer prenatal tests

VERACITY and VERAGENE prenatal tests in Moj Lab laboratories.

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From now on, special COVID-19 test price at Moj Lab Laboratory!

PCR test: EUR 49, rapid antigen test: EUR 15, spike antibody test: EUR 18.

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Preventive gynaecological examinations

The preventive gynaecological package at a promotional price of EUR 110.- combines four basic diagnostic methods that help preserve and improve the health of women of all ages.

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