From now on, Moj Lab Polyclinic patients have access to the Somatom Definition Edge computed tomography device manufactured by the worlds leading medical device manufacturer (Siemens, Germany), characterised by ultra-low radiation doses and an incredible reconstruction speed acquiring 384 reconstructed slices – which makes it unique in Montenegro and the region.

With minimal radiation doses and an incredible rotation speed (0.28 seconds) and number of reconstructed slices, the device provides diagnostically high-quality images, which is crucial in the diagnosis of a number of diseases from their onset.

Thanks to the rotation speed, the device minimises the need for sedation and breath holding during the examination, because the latest generation technology enables simultaneous acquisition of high and low energy spectrum, which provides additional diagnostic information without increasing the radiation dose for the patient.

With its exceptional technical and application characteristics, this CT scanner is the perfect solution for numerous diagnostic dilemmas in the field of cardiology, oncology, radiology and emergency


The scanner available at Moj Lab makes a technological breakthrough when it comes to the heart coronary arteries diagnostics – MSCT coronary angiography. On the one hand, the prospective imaging technique for coronary arteries, which has so far been unavailable in Montenegro, can enable an 85% reduction in the amount of radiation, while utilising a series of technological solutions to enable diagnostically high-quality examinations in patients who have not been able to be diagnosed in this way so far (obese patients, patients with increased calcium deposits in coronary arteries, patients with arrhythmias or rapid heartbeat, etc.) on the other hand.

Due to its characteristics, this scanner can be used on all patients who, due to their health condition, cannot be adequately examined on other scanners. This is especially true for patients with coronary artery diseases that are difficult to scan on other scanners. The Somatom Definition Edge can be used to perform MSCT coronary angiography (CTCA) examinations to diagnose or evaluate coronary artery diseases noninvasively.

For COVID and postCOVID patients at the Moj Lab Polyclinic, a lung CT scan costs EUR 80.-