Dr. Aleksandar Zekić is an expert in the field of infectious diseases who has been taking care of patients at the General Hospital in Kotor for years. He completed his specialisation in infectious diseases in Belgrade in 2017. After that, he started working at the General Hospital in Kotor where he, as part of a team with doctors of other specialties, took part in the treatment of infections of all organ systems, inflammation of the gastrointestinal, respiratory, urogenital, skin, skeletal-joints and central nervous system. At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, he worked intensively in the Covid-19 Centre in Kotor, and was also engaged in Berane and Bar hospitals. Dr. Zekić attended additional training related to techniques in the management of infections in patients, ultrasound of the abdomen, as well as training in the field of prevention and management of infections in trauma patients. He is currently preparing a subspecialist exam in allergology and clinical immunology, the curriculum of which he attended at the Allergology and Immunology Clinic of the Clinical Centre in Belgrade.

Dr. Zekić has joined our team at the Moj Lab Polyclinic in Budva.

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