Are you struggling with allergies?

An increasing number of people suffer from allergies caused by different types of allergens. Allergic reactions are not completely harmless and can cause serious consequences in addition to impairing the quality of life. The first step in combatting allergic reactions is accurate and timely diagnosis.

After the appearance of symptoms that indicate an allergic reaction, an examination by a specialist is necessary in order to determine whether allergy really exists and which allergen or allergens caused the reaction. It should be noted that the symptoms are often similar to the common cold, as well as that there are hundreds of different allergens.

By determining the blood count, i.e., the number of eosinophils and total IgE antibodies, we can dismiss or confirm the presence of allergic reactions with certainty.

There are specific IgE antibodies for each allergen, so allergen re-introduction causes a reaction with antibodies and the appearance of symptoms of an allergic reaction.

By determining specific IgE antibodies to individual allergens, we can determine which of them is the cause of the reaction.

Based on the way they are introduced into the body, allergens are divided into nutritional and inhalant.

The most common symptoms of food allergies are: redness of the skin, rash, swelling, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhoea. In case of serious reactions, anaphylactic shock can occur. The most common symptoms of inhalation allergies are: itching and narrowing of the eyes, sneezing, runny nose, cough and exhaustion. In some cases, a rash appears on the skin, which can be dry and cracked.

Inhalant and nutrient panels with 20 most common allergens for our region are offered at special prices in Moj Lab laboratories.  

In Moj Lab laboratories, we offer you an INHALANT panel with 20 most common allergens for our region at a special price of EUR 45.

Inhalant panel
t3 Birch
t2 grey alder
t4 hazel
t7 oak
g6 cattail
g12 rye
w6 wild wormwood
w9 buckthorn
d1 European mite
d2 American mite
e2/e5 dog epithelium
e1 cat epithelium
e3 horse epithelium
e6 guinea pig epithelium
e84 hamster epithelium
e82 rabbit epithelium
m3 Aspergilus fumigatus
m2 Cladosporium herbarum
m1 Penicillium notatum
m6 Alternaria tenuis
Nutrient panel
f17 Hazelnuts
f13 peanuts
f16 walnuts
f20 almonds
f2 milk
f1 egg whites
f75 egg yolks
f78 casein
f35 potatoes
f85 celery
f31 carrots
f25 tomatoes
f3 cod
f24 shrimp
f95 peaches
f49 apples
f14 soy
f4 wheat flour
f10 sesame
f05 rye flour

In Moj Lab Polyclinic, you can perform all the necessary laboratory analyses and, in consultation with our specialists, overcome the allergic reactions that bother you. Inhalant panel with specialist examination is now offered at a special price of EUR 65.