Detailed and most accurate analysis of the skeletal system condition

Osteodensitometry or DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry)


Timely and accurate diagnosis of osteoporosis is important to prevent severe consequences and complications such as spinal, femoral and other fractures, disabilities, etc. Thanks to the latest DXA device, from now on you have the possibility of detailed bone analysis underpinned by the latest software solutions in Montenegro. 


The HOLOGIC HORIZON A is the latest device in this field in the Southeast Balkans. It is an osteodensitometre with special functionalities. In addition to measuring T and Z scores, the device’s software includes both FRAX index and TBS score.


The standard “APEX” software allows:


  • assessment of bone mineral density in relation to the reference database,
  • assessment of fracture risk,
  • assessment of spinal deformities,
  • analysis of body composition,
  • analysis of bone composition around the hip prosthesis.


Instant vertebral assessment (IVA) is an instant spinal check which involves visualisation or quantitative assessment of spinal deformities and visualisation of abdominal aortic calcifications.


The following body composition indicators are analysed:


  • bone mineral density (region / whole body),
  • muscle and fat body fraction,
  • soft tissue mass, lean body mass, soft tissue mass ratios,
  • fat percentage (region / whole body),
  • fat percentage per type (android / gynoid) and their ratio,
  • body mass index.


With the help of visceral fat software, visceral adipose tissue in the android region is assessed. 


The assessment is obtained in terms of the visceral fat region, mass and volume.


Assessment of the ten-year risk of hip and osteoporotic fractures – FRAX. 


Femoral neck bone mineral density and clinical risk factors are an integral algorithm for FRAX assessment. The FRAX index has been known for more than ten years to assess the risk of bone fractures in the next ten years. It used to be calculated based on the questions posed by the clinician to the patient, but is now automatically read based on a finding from our osteodensitometre. 

Hip structure analysis


This analysis measures the distribution of mineral bone mass on specific hip sections. It encompasses the cross-sectional area between the hip muscles and bone density (CSA), the cross-sectional moment of inertia (CSMI), the measurement of the inner trochanter outer diameter and the buckling ratio, femur stress in the Z-axis.


Imaging with OnePass technology: SE femur exam


This analysis enables the visualisation of a local reaction on the femur or thickening along its external cortex, which may be accompanied by signs of an atypical femur fracture, caused by long-term antiresorptive therapy. OnePass technology avoids image distortion and errors that can occur due to beam overlap.


TBS – Trabecular bone score 


This software solution provides a quick and reliable method for assessing the risk of fracture and provides an index related to bone microarchitecture. It is crucial in clinical practice and in cases when a large difference is measured between the mineral density on the spinal column and the hip, which is measured on BMD as standard. This score is also important in patients who have been on BF antiresorptive therapy for a long time, when it is necessary to discontinue this therapy due to the risk of atypical femoral fracture and possible connection with jaw bone necrosis.


TBS index is part of the official recommendations of International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) and European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases (ESCEO).


It is accepted by the FDA and EC.


TBS iNsight is software from the French medical device manufacturer Medimaps.


TBS iNsight does not increase examination time or radiation dose and is a valuable tool for the overall assessment of patients’ bone condition. Presentation of the bone mineral density and assessment of the patients’ bone microarchitecture condition helps boost their motivation to improve health.