Moj Lab laboratories offer prenatal tests

VERACITY is a precise, safe, affordable and rapid non-invasive prenatal test for detecting
chromosomal aneuploidies in single or twin pregnancies. The test can be done as of the 10th
week of pregnancy and is safe for both, mother and baby, because only a small sample of
mother’s blood is needed. The sensitivity and specificity of VERACITY testing have been
demonstrated in three clinical validation studies.

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VERAgene is the only prenatal test involving fathers as well! A unique test on the Montenegrin
market, done with a sample taken from a biological mother and a biological father, which
includes the analyses of eight aneuploidies, four microdeletion syndromes, as well as a hundred
monogenic diseases, which are passed through autosomal recessive inheritance or linked via
the X chromosome.

VERAgene – Prenatal test >

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